QHSSE: Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Quality, health, safety, occupational safety and environmental protection

Avoid danger is our principle!

The health and safety of our employees is a valuable asset, We have anchored this principle in our mission statement; safe transportation and the protection of our environment are an integral part of our corporate responsibility. Our safety management system promotes the prevention of accidents and the identification of potential risks in day-to-day work, on board and on the shipping routes. Avoiding damage to people and the environment is our top priority.

Information and IT security

We believe that sharing the right information with the right people is critical to success. Information is valuable, so it is important to protect both your and our sensitive data and information. Responsible handling of data by our employees is an important factor for us, which is why we continuously train and promote awareness of information security. In addition to this, in 2014 we entrusted our digital data and the associated IT to a local and certified high-security data center. In addition to maximum discretion, this guarantees maximum availability and security, data retention and professional protection against cyber threats thanks to state-of-the-art technical procedures.

Occupational safety

We attach great importance to the continued development of our safety culture and actively promote the goal of “Goal Zero”, which includes the prevention of occupational accidents and the avoidance of long-term health problems due to misconduct. In addition, our comprehensive risk management system enables us to identify and assess potential hazards (near misses). In-depth training and the support of major partners have helped to ensure that the rate of workplace accidents has been declining for years and can continue to do so in the future,

Transportation safety

Transportation safety is extremely important to us. As tanker charterers, we exercise the highest degree of responsibility in transporting our customers’ products on public waterways, both in terms of the actual transportation itself as well as for operations such as loading and unloading, the correct handling of the products as well as the choice of our logistics partners and participants.


Our social and ecological corporate responsibility

We provide environmentally friendly shipping services and work with our sights set on the future: Sustainable. Convincing. STETRA!

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Responsibility – sustainability

Water is one of our most valuable resources, so it is all the more important to protect and safeguard it. Love it, safe it!

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Responsibility – environmental protection

Setting priorities, because uncompromising safety is our top priority when it comes to hazardous goods.

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Responsibility – safety

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