Working with our sights set on the future: Sustainable. Convincing. STETRA

Success doesn’t just mean striving for the best, it also means taking responsibility. Especially in our field of hazardous goods transportation, a modern working method with a finger on the pulse of the times is enormously important, as is taking nature and our society into consideration. STETRA takes responsibility and faces the challenges of our time. As an international hazardous goods shipping company, it is up to us to take economy and ecology into account in order to avoid endangering harmony and balance. We have developed a sustainability strategy that takes the transportation of hazardous goods to a whole new level – on behalf of mankind and nature. Our customers, business partners and employees as well as our environment are grateful to us for this.

State-of-the-art solutions for ideal protection of resources

STETRA is aware that transporting and shipping dangerous goods by water affects our environment, and in order to avoid long-term consequences and conserve natural resources, we have sought and found modern solutions that optimise the protection of resources. With the assistance of technical experts and our partners, we examined our operations with regard to their impact and successfully enhanced them in order to avoid environmental damage both now and in the future. Our goal is to work in a way that minimizes all negative consequences and can coexist with our natural environment without damaging it – for the sake of soil, water, air and biodiversity.


Environmentally friendly shipping on inland waterways



Taking responsibility means acting responsibly

  • Achieve sustainable logistics by avoiding unnecessary empty runs
  • All captains are ecologically aware in their fuel-saving driving style
    (regular repetition and tracking of the driving style through on-board computer recordings).)
  • Use of recycled materials or materials with a high recycled content
  • Strict waste separation when disposing of packaging and consumables
  • Providing our employees with information about our internal environmental guidelines and targets at regular intervals.