Environmentally conscious shipbuilding – new trends in building the future

More efficient, safer and greener shipbuilding methods and engines make it possible for us to provide you with more attractive shipping capacity.

The Green Award certifies ships that are particularly clean and safe. Ships that have been awarded a Green Award certificate benefit from various financial and non-financial advantages.

The Green Award makes the operation of standard ships more economically attractive by honouring high safety and environmental standards in shipping. The Green Award certification programme is open to oil tankers, chemical tankers and bulk carriers, LNG, LPG and container ships as well as inland waterway vessels.

The Green Award process is administered by the Bureau Green Award, the executive body of the independent non-profit Green Award Foundation. The certification process consists of an office audit and an audit of each individual ship applying for certification. The evaluation focuses on crew, operational, environmental and management factors, among other things.

Ships with a Green Award receive significant reductions on port fees in ports in Belgium, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Oman, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa. Private companies also appreciate the additional quality that the Green Award guarantees. Several incentive providers, state institutions and private companies grant savings for ships with a Green Award certificate.