Water is one of our most valuable resources.

When transporting environmentally hazardous substances, it is extremely important to avoid any leaks. The modern design of double-hull tankers, the best possible on-board equipment and well-trained on-board personnel play a key role in ensuring safety.

One of our responsibilities is to prevent damage to the environment, employees and other people.

Modern barge tankers – for the good of the environment

As a shipping company specialising in mineral oil, petrochemicals and organic products, the Rhine is our main transport network and, thanks to its size and numerous tributaries, offers us ideal conditions for safe working.

In order to avoid lasting damage to the environment as a result of our work on the waterway, we almost exclusively use the state-of-the-art inland tankers. High technical standards reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Our preventive protective measures and a wide range of incentive programs have successfully prevented environmental damage to date. We are constantly developing and improving in order to be able to use the latest technologies for environmental protection.

Our environmental protection measures – avoiding empty runs promotes a reduction in CO2 emissions

Did you know that the Rhine alone is home to more than 60 fish species, more than 40 bird species and thousands of plant species? We are aware of the great ecological diversity and do our utmost to preserve this valuable habitat. We do not make any unnecessary empty runs and pursue a consistent, long-term policy to reduce our CO2 emissions. We are able to achieve our goals thanks, among other things, to ideal planning of our shipments with double-hulled tankers and by helping our fleet to obtain the Green Award certification, which represents the highest standard for environmental compatibility in inland tanker shipping.

Caring for the environment

Fish species in the Rhine

Today more than 60 species of fish live in the Rhine

Waterfowl on the Rhine

White-fronted goose are the most abundant waterfowl on the Rhine

Rastatter Rheinaue

With about 850 hectares one of the largest and most beautiful nature reserves on the Rhine

One of our goals

There are many excursion destinations, sights, unique villages and scenic highlights along the Rhine. We are committed to playing our part in preserving this environment and providing habitats for humans and animals. which is why we promote and demand strict guidelines on safety and environmental protection.