safety and health protection

Safety standards define our priorities,
as uncompromising safety takes top priority with hazardous goods.

Transportation safety: experts monitor safety and quality standards

When it comes to the safety of the goods we transport, we leave nothing to chance, because not only do we have a responsibility to the environment, but above all to our customers. We monitor and control every process with the greatest care in order to be able to carry out all logistical tasks to your complete satisfaction. Our selected carriers are selected according to a defined procedure and assessed on the basis of our high safety and quality standards. Furthermore, the highest safety precautions apply far beyond the actual transportation itself. The focus is on all loading and unloading processes as well as correct handling of the products. We have a transport safety system that is part of the QHSSE management and is controlled and monitored by a team of experts, whose tasks include the preparation of transport safety instructions, continuous on-board safety checks and audits for ship and shore personnel.

To put this commitment into practice, we offer first-class transport management and state-of-the-art technology:

  • State-of-the-art double hull ships
  • The latest stability programs
  • Monitoring software for loading and unloading processes
  • Highly trained specialist staff
  • Regular inspections and safety checks on board
  • Acting in the interests of product responsibility

Our on-board personnel are trained in all areas in order to be able to identify potential dangers at an early stage and to avoid all dangerous situations with the help of preventive measures and to guarantee transport safety.

Don’t give hazards a chance: all in the interests of occupational safety

The health and safety of our employees is a valuable asset:
one of our main tasks is to fully exploit all possibilities that benefit loss prevention. STETRA has a comprehensive safety management system. Our goal is to optimise the prevention of accidents in order to identify potential risks in day-to-day work at an early stage.

“Zero incidents”

Our quality management system provides the necessary processes, their interaction and their application. In the core processes, we have formulated responsibilities, measurable criteria, monitoring of these criteria, and taken account of and identified risks. We have ensured the effective implementation and control of these processes with trained employees and the process and work instructions that we have drawn up.

Our working method based on these defined processes is the principle for active accident prevention. The monitoring, measurement and analysis of these working methods and the support of our partners contribute to the fact that the rate of workplace accidents has been declining for years – and can continue to do so. This enables us to avoid accidents in the workplace directly and to prevent long-term health effects due to misconduct, with the aim of creating a safe working environment for all employees!

You have questions and would like to know more about our measures regarding transport and goods safety? We are happy to inform you without obligation: Contact us for a personal conversation.

Environmental Protection

Water is one of our most valuable resources, so it is all the more important to protect and safeguard it.


Working with a view to the future. Success does not just mean striving for the best, but also taking responsibility.


Our quality management is at your side with its extensive expertise.